lust in my heart, love in my soul (invisiblevirgin) wrote in curiousgirls,
lust in my heart, love in my soul

yay me

yay me. After 3 weeks I finally got up the nerve to talk to her. She works down the hall and we know the same people from Junior College. She is so pretty and the way she looks at me and the stories my friend, whoops, no more names on here, tells me about when she was at Georgia, she seems totally together. Sunday, to the beach together, on the prowl, or on each other? we'll see. Yay me 2, my boss, who likes to play goddess of the world, gave me a raise and an extra weeks vacation starting next June, the vacation, that is, the raise starts now. Not a bunch, but at least they are being honest with me. My boss has a husband and 2 boyfriends, Jeez, i can't believe her. Anyway YAY MEEEE!!!
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