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05:02pm 12/02/2005
  surely not asian dicks! normally chinese ones are something like 5-6inches (when erecting).
i've heard of a result in european version, 1st, british dicks, 2nd, i don't remember(something like polish), 3nd, italian.
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12:19pm 22/09/2003
  UPDATE...My friend from work and I managed to get together yesterday without her gf tagging along. Jen and I met at Denny's for breakfast and wereplanning to go down the the beach. I was wearing my yellow bikini with the t-back, and Jenna was weraing a one-piece with cutouts that are hella sexy. We were driving to the beach, when we stopped at a red light and she reached over and put her hand on my thigh. Read more...Collapse )  
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04:22pm 17/09/2003
  i have this awful crush on the most beautiful girl at work, i know she knows because she is spending alot of her time helping me out, being so friendly, and making utterly lewd and suggestive comments, we are supposed to go to the beach together sunday, but i just found out she has a girlfriend, i am crushed, i am used to this from guys, but since i ahven't done alot except feel these urges with girls, i didn't expect this, any advice?  
yay me 
03:52pm 15/09/2003
  yay me. After 3 weeks I finally got up the nerve to talk to her. She works down the hall and we know the same people from Junior College. She is so pretty and the way she looks at me and the stories my friend, whoops, no more names on here, tells me about when she was at Georgia, she seems totally together. Sunday, to the beach together, on the prowl, or on each other? we'll see. Yay me 2, my boss, who likes to play goddess of the world, gave me a raise and an extra weeks vacation starting next June, the vacation, that is, the raise starts now. Not a bunch, but at least they are being honest with me. My boss has a husband and 2 boyfriends, Jeez, i can't believe her. Anyway YAY MEEEE!!!  
Help us get our voices heard!  
10:24am 03/08/2003
mood: determined
Unless you've been living under a rock these past few weeks you should know about the "presidents" remarks about legalizing gay marriages. Well, from those remarks we are now fighting for our rights as citizen of this nation! We have rights just as any other person out there. All we want is the opportunity to legally marry the ONE person that we love! With him bringing and trying to impose his religion on us isn't the best way to go about this. There is no difference between a gay couple compared to a straight one *except for whom we're with behind closed doors* but that should have no significance whatsoever. What we do behind closed doors is our business. To have that piece of paper, telling us that we're seen as a married couple legally is all we want. We're human beings too so help us get our voices heard..click the link below sign our petition and pass it on to your friends and families. Thank you!


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10:27pm 07/02/2003
mood: content
Im back.. I think. eh.. who know'z. Good to see u pplz again.. and welcome new-comerz! =)

~Cock Roaches & Candy Apples~
artist formerly known as defwords 
11:42am 23/09/2002
  hey hey kids,
ok im back. and now i would like to have all you guys help me and lacey revamp the communituy a lil. so if anyone has any friends tell them about curious girls, and if you have any background ideas or anything that we should do. just let me or lacey know. k? thanks guys *muah*
02:36pm 18/07/2002
mood: curious
Hey, does anyone have an extra LJ code? I have a friend who has been wanting one for a while but no one seems to have one that I ask, thanks!
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04:14am 11/07/2002
  Here's the news. We found out kyle "mostly irish" is rather large... hhmmm lol  
We're Back!!!! 
04:32am 09/07/2002
mood: awake
I'd like to take the time to apologize for neglecting this community! Christa and I are both going to be putting more stats up immediatley.

Irish- still on the low scale

Italians- know how to work what they have but are average

Portugese- have nice size and use what they have well

Canadians- seem to have rather nice size

Scottish- nicely equipped

Someone with ALOT of nationalites is what we've found to have the largest and most select penis's of all. GO YOU MUTTS OUT THERE!! lol =)

So far from people we know the top 3 largest are:

Dan.P- alot of nationaltiies (some include scottish, canadian, english) he is over 8.5' on a normal day

Tom.L- still in question if him and Dan are tied or not? Tom is a little over 8'. His nationalties include Scottish, French Canadian.

Joe .R- again these 3 are all around the same size but remeber were down to the last straw no matter how little the difference is. Joe is over 8' on a good day. Nationalities *almost full portugese

I'm irish myself and im sorry to say but you guys don't seem to have much of a chance unless you have alot of other things mixed.

I was reading something in sextips and I wanted to make sure your all aware shoe size has nothing to do with penis size!

(SIDENOTE- we have a friend kyle who claims to be "well equipped" but he is mostly irish and its still in question, if we find out its true then we will have a whole new outlook on the WEE folk lol)
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03:49pm 02/06/2002
im new heh
sad but semi true.... 
11:20am 28/05/2002
  what glasslove sed can be seen as sort of true. lol. most guys that i have been unlucky enough to come in contact with haven't been too well equip. sucks to be me huh? well there have been one or two who's name i shall not mention who have been quite pleasing. *evil grin* as for the others well.... i won't say anything about that now. ;) peace and love all.  
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11:10am 28/05/2002
  heh... sorry i havent written in awhile.
Dont mind if defwords doesnt update much either. She doesnt have a good idea about these things, she hasnt really dealt with normal size equipment nevermind large lol. =) heh
09:09am 27/05/2002


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reply to riotsgrrl's post... 
04:15pm 06/05/2002
  well [Unknown LJ tag] i will try to lay down some rules fair and level. but it's pretty simple. measure yourself while your hard. unless you think your "stuff" is just so big that the measurement of it soft will amaze us. but yea anyways. do it, then please give the measurements in english, not metric!!!! becoz me and lacey are not teh brightst chicks ever and that would just make it easier on us. you can leave your name if you like. note::if your name is left it will be used. please leave your age. ok so thats about it. see simple and easy. ;) have fuuuun.

and as for the who have you measured question riotsgrrl, that if for me to know and you to find out.

as far as the results are goin, we are still in the process of tabulating measurements. from what i can the irish are still down there. the half irish however seem to be pretty damn gifted. and portuguese well they.... they are doin very good. ;) but we still need more input!!! from many other nationalities so that we can get a lil bit of an idea. so if you have friends who have varied backgrounds hand em a ruler or something!! lol
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06:18am 03/05/2002
  In order to make this fair and level, I think that the girls here should describe their preferred method of measurement in detail. Please, cite examples and precedent. Tell us all about your penis measuring experiences so that we may establish that consistent techniques and methodologies are being used. This is basic science people!

I mean, is there a Control Group? What kind of rigorous scientific protocol have you set up. I note that you are using primarily the "English" system of measurement. For god's sake! The English don't even use the English system anymore. Go Metric!

But more importantly, tell us about your measuring experiences, who did you measure? When? Why? Feel free to include pictures, social security numbers, whatever ...
09:20am 25/04/2002
mood: ecstatic
Okay for some form of new results since ive failed so miserably to entertain you people lol

Kyle (IRISH) he claims to be huge!!!! lol haha that must be bull. Whatever there is always those exceptions tho so who knows. Maybe he's *special*.

Mike(EVERYTHING) hes like 90 different things lol thats all good tho. Can't get more cultural then that (christa- hes the everything kinda white guy stuff lol) He says hes 7.5 hhmmmm not bad. Well see ill post more later.


*YOU TO CHRISTA!!!!!!!!!*
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12:36am 10/04/2002
mood: awake
hey everyone. i kinda forgot about our lil community here. so im just saying hi. and umm yea hi. ::waves:: me and lacey really need to post up those results huh? we are the laziest of all bitches lol.
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07:55pm 08/04/2002
mood: contemplative
Hey everyone,

I noticed that there seems to be some kind of infactuation w/penis size. *LOL* And.. I wasn't really paying attention to it at first.. but it made me think. There are lots of guys who think that penis size is everything.. and those that choose to blurt out what size they are or put it out on display are usually self-conscious.. feel they have something to prove.. or lying. Thats just my oppinion. [not that anyone asked] But I just think that if a guy is secure and knows himself.. there's no need to make a big fuss over size. :)

Well.. thats enough of my yapping!

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11:43pm 08/04/2002
  laterz, im out...