Pøster Child for Birth Cøntrøl (defwords) wrote in curiousgirls,
Pøster Child for Birth Cøntrøl

reply to riotsgrrl's post...

well [Unknown LJ tag] i will try to lay down some rules fair and level. but it's pretty simple. measure yourself while your hard. unless you think your "stuff" is just so big that the measurement of it soft will amaze us. but yea anyways. do it, then please give the measurements in english, not metric!!!! becoz me and lacey are not teh brightst chicks ever and that would just make it easier on us. you can leave your name if you like. note::if your name is left it will be used. please leave your age. ok so thats about it. see simple and easy. ;) have fuuuun.

and as for the who have you measured question riotsgrrl, that if for me to know and you to find out.

as far as the results are goin, we are still in the process of tabulating measurements. from what i can the irish are still down there. the half irish however seem to be pretty damn gifted. and portuguese well they.... they are doin very good. ;) but we still need more input!!! from many other nationalities so that we can get a lil bit of an idea. so if you have friends who have varied backgrounds hand em a ruler or something!! lol
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