lust in my heart, love in my soul (invisiblevirgin) wrote in curiousgirls,
lust in my heart, love in my soul

UPDATE...My friend from work and I managed to get together yesterday without her gf tagging along. Jen and I met at Denny's for breakfast and wereplanning to go down the the beach. I was wearing my yellow bikini with the t-back, and Jenna was weraing a one-piece with cutouts that are hella sexy. We were driving to the beach, when we stopped at a red light and she reached over and put her hand on my thigh. She was driving, and seemed to like my smile as she touched me. I really didn't know what i would do, but i kind of leaned back in the seat and slid my self forward in the seat, after a minute, she began rubbing my slit though my bikini bottoms, I was soooo wet. At the next light she gave me the best kiss I have ever had, so soft, sweet and hot. Her gentleness drove me wild. Without a word, she turned around and we went back to my apartment, where she so tenderly and slowly removed my bikini> I never saw hers come off, but her kisses on me were exquisite, she licked me and kissed me and fingered me and I had the best orgasms I have ever had. She sensed I was inexperienced I guess, because she then asked me, directly, do I want a lesson in oral love. How could i resist? She started by telling me to lick inside her thighs and work my way up real slow. Her trimmed landing strip was beckoning me. She told me to tease and play my way around her clitty, and not do what most guys do, yanno, frontal assault, that going around it a bit was much better than sucking it in and getting right on it. When she was licking me, I couldn't focus on anything she was doing except how good it felt. I then went down on her, and in spite of her heavy breathing, she was very instructive and I must say, by mid afternoon, I am now an accomplished cunnilinguist. I have never felt such warmth and togetherness like I did yesterday. I have to teach Jeff how to eat me now, how can I do that without letting on that I have learned something new, that is he has no idea how to play with my pussy or how to lick it right. Jen and I have agreed this is only a funtime, and she doesn't want to upset her arrangement with Cara (no real names herre anyway). I agree, but now I know what has been missing, there is a sisterhood thing going on here that i always felt the vibes of, but never experienced til now. ANYWAY, a true bigirl has now been born deflowered and initiated. I WANT MORE!!! p.s. Jenna, if by some bizarre chance you read this and recognize it, I think you are the kindest sweetest person I have ever met, not to mention beautiful and scrumptious, thank you.
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